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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

All good citizens must reject those who would sow division and even violence in our free society. One candidate for Village President has the real-life experience to stand up to groups who would undermine the rule of law and threaten public safety.

In a criminal law and investigative career spanning decades, I have worked alongside the Illinois Attorney General’s office to prosecute an organized crime ring that took millions of dollars from innocent citizens who were duped into an “investment” scheme. In private practice as an attorney and private detective, I have represented everyone from cooperators bringing down kingpins, to protecting the victims of stalkers.

And I know the dangers to our society when guns are in the wrong hands. That’s why I am currently both counsel and an investor in an artificial intelligence company that identifies violent offenders who walk into public places openly carrying dangerous weapons, providing precious minutes advantage to getting first responders on the scene. I helped build the system that one day may save somebody you know.

Questions about how as Village President I have the experience to keep us all safe? Reach out to me for an individual conversation.

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